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What is Yum Cha?


Yum Cha offers authentic Malaysian street food, snacks, appetizers and small plates with rich flavors and spices!

The country of Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, is an incredible mixing pot of cultures. 

The first Chinese settlers arrived in Malaysia in the early 15th century bringing with them

various Chinese ingredients and spices, which were slowly incorporated with other local indigenous Malay and Indian cuisine, creating a unique flavor profile.

Yum Cha, literally means "drink tea". The phrase Dim Sum is sometimes used in place of Yum Cha. Yum Cha dishes can be sweet or savory and includes buns, rolls, wraps, dumplings, veggies, meat and even the humble spring roll. Yum Cha is the practice of table sharing, community, and gathering for nourishment and chit-chat with friends, or even strangers, bonding over food.

Traditionally, Yum Cha is practiced in the morning or early afternoon. The history of the tradition can be traced back to the period of the Xianfeng Emperor, who first referred to establishments serving tea as yi li guan (一厘馆, "1 cent house"). These establishments offered a place for people to gather and gossip, which became known as cha waa (茶话, "tea talk"). These tea houses grew to become their own type of restaurant, and people would invite each other to Yum Cha.

I invite you to yum cha with me!

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