Gf Plus One is not just gluten free baked goods and eateries, the "Plus One"  is how the unique of our business is all about! We combined eating healthy with some tasty authentic Malaysian Cuisines in our section of YUM CHA! 

In our gluten free baked goods, the main product is of course our cookies!

We call our Cookie .. CLOOKIE !!

Our handcrafted, wholesome, good for you Cookies are all about clean indulging.

That is why we call our cookie - CLOOKIE which is a blend word for CLEAN & COOKIE.

The CLOOKIEs are made of almond flour, and have no dairy products!  

We believe in clean living and clean eating. We live clean by doing our best to be environmentally conscious. We eat clean by putting in our bodies only what is good for us.


That goes for our CLOOKIEs as well.  Each and every batch of our CLOOKIEs start

with a fresh dough that is made of almond flour, and only with hand-picked

ingredients and definitely no refined sugars.

What is Yum Cha??

The country of Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, is an incredible mixing pot of cultures. 

The first Chinese settlers arrived in Malaysia in the early 15th century bringing with them

their various exoticcuisines which were slowly adopted alongside other local cultural 

cuisines. And so, Yum Cha evolved to be included with other Malaysian local street foods,

snacks, appetizers and small plates.

Yum Cha, literally means "drink tea". The phrase Dim Sum is sometimes used in place of Yum Cha. In the

Chinese language, Dim Sum refers to a meal made up of a large selection of bite-sized Chinese dishes

eaten for brunch and served with tea. Yum Cha dishes can be sweet or savory and includes buns, rolls, wraps, dumplings, veggies, meat and even the humble spring roll. Dim Sum refers to the small-dish appetizers and desserts whereas yum cha refers to the act of having a meal typically involving such dishes.

Traditionally, Yum Cha is practiced in the morning or early afternoon. The history of the tradition can be traced back to the period of the Xianfeng Emperor, who first referred to establishments serving tea as yi li guan (一厘馆, "1 cent house"). These establishments offered a place for people to gather and gossip, which became known as cha waa (茶话, "tea talk"). These tea houses grew to become their own type of restaurant, and the action of going there was called Yum Cha.



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