About us

 The GF Plus One Company is a mother and daughter's endeavor to offer their friends and loved ones baked goods that not only tasted delicious but the ingredients that were used were actually good for the body.

They made a great team as the daughter was a certified Nutrionist and the mother an avid baker.  Their biggest challenge was the base dough. It needed to be gluten-free, vegan, nutritional, with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. In addition to all these parameters - it HAD to taste yummy and crave-worthy!

Through research, experiments and many a tasting, they finally developed a base dough that checked all the boxes and above all tasted crave-worthy.


This base dough, exclusive to Gf Plus One, is a blend of Almond, Gluten Free & Coconut flours. And all other ingredients that are added to make all the goodies are always naturally and locally sourced.


The Clookies (that's what we call them!) are always moist and yummy! They taste so much better than the traditional flour-loaded counterparts and the fact that they offer you to "Clean Indulge" is just the cherry on top!


Soon I started making them with no refined sugar, grain or gluten-free flour and came up with some mouth-watering cookies that left my family and friends wanting more.


They have been sellingMotivated, I started selling at the local Farmer’s Markets. They were always sold out by the end of the day. People just loved the taste and the fact that they were actually “healthy cookies.” 


They told me “Sue, your cookies are so clean!”


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